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Belize Houses / Homes For Sale (0/4)
Single family homes, duplexes & condos.
Includes vacation homes and regular housing.
Belize Lots For Sale (0/10)
Single property buildable (already divided) lots.
May be residential or commercial zone.
Belize Land / Acreage For Sale (0/30)
Larger parcels of land for sale - possibly divisible.
May include both commercial and residential.
Belize Commercial Property For Sale (0/0)
Commercial buildings & business opportunities
such as hotels, resorts, restaurants, etc.
Belize Vacation Rentals (0/0)
Houses, condos, cabanas, or single rooms
available for short-term (nightly or weekly) rental.
Belize Monthly / Long Term Rentals (0/2)
Houses, condos or rooms available for long-term
(monthly/annual) rental. Lease may be required.
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